We provide professional healthcare staff to both the public and private sector

Specialist Support

We can identify and meet the needs of young people

We offer a few additional services aimed at supporting and advising young people who have higher risk vulnerability or extreme challenging and risky behaviour.

About this service

Through well-structured Risk Assessments and Individualised Care Plans, we can identify and meet the needs of young people within this scope and will offer the following:-

  • Support to develop reflective thinking
  • Offending reduction programmes in partnership with YOT and other agencies
  • Support with accessing services and agencies that aid in substance or alcohol abuse
  • Support with family contact and relationship building skills
  • Work around young people suffering with posttraumatic stress disorder
  • Support with asylum application, reporting to Home Office UK-BA and other legal matters
  • Support for young parents
  • Gang awareness and intervention
  • Support with reducing risky behaviour that could lead to exploitation
  • Support with managing ADHD, including anger