We provide professional healthcare staff to both the public and private sector

Live-In Care

This service is provided to clients who need varying levels of care depending on individual needs.

Personal Live-In care package includes cooking, cleaning and dressing help, toilet assistance bathing and other activities of daily living depending on the individuals personal care requirements. We help our client live a comfortable life by ensuring that their day to day chores and activities are executed to their satisfaction.

Specialised Live-In Care

Specialised live-in care involves or is the provision of a specially trained staff, qualified to deal with a specific condition or requirement of a client.

When contacted with the details of the special condition or requirement, we give advice on the necessary steps and procedures as well as provide a specially trained/case trained care assistant to suit your needs. Speak with a representative today.

Our agency nurses can really make a difference to the lives of your patients and clients. We supply agency nurses to hospitals, care homes and domestic clients.

Live-in care offers round-the-clock support to you in your home, so you can receive the care you need whenever you require it.

Residing with you in your home, a live-in carer will stay with you day and night, getting to know everything about you and your routines whilst providing bespoke care. And because we understand how unsettling it may be to invite someone you don’t know to live in your home with you, we’ll work with you to select the perfect care for you, in both care experience and personality. 

Why you should choose us

  • Remain independent in the home you love and know
  • Alternative to residential nursing care 1-2-1 care and support Flexible services that evolve with your needs
  • Assistance with household chores Caring companionship and opportunities to meet others.
  • We are a dedicated, local team that can respond quickly to your needs.
  • Familiar routines and environment can delay age-related illnesses

Our Care Services covers a variety of services, which can range from companionship visits through to complex care needs.  We are equipped to support you in a variety of different life stages. Get in touch today to find how we can support you with our domiciliary care services.